Product information

What does the Ganance Heir do exactly?

The Ganance Heir is a revolutionary module that transforms your regular watch into a smartwatch, granting it features and functionalities commonly found in top-tier smartwatches, all without compromising the original aesthetics of your watch.

How does Ganance Heir transform my regular watch into a smartwatch?

Ganance Heir seamlessly integrates with your existing watch by attaching to its bottom. Once attached, it provides features like notifications, health tracking, and more, all channeled through our mobile app.

How does it attach to the watch? Will it attach to mine?

The Ganance Heir is designed with a universal fit in mind, ensuring it's compatible with a wide variety of watch models and sizes. It attaches with a microsuction technology so that no matter if your watch back is metal, ceramic, plastic or some other surface, it will hold.


Which iOS versions/devices is it compatible with?

Ganance Heir is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 13 and above. Click the link to download the app from the App Store.

Are there plans to make it compatible with Android and other platforms in the future?

We're always looking to expand our compatibility range. Stay tuned for updates on Android compatibility!

What types of watches can I use with the Ganance Heir?

Ganance Heir is designed to fit a wide variety of watches, from classic designs to contemporary ones. The Heir is 30mm in diameter so as long as your watch is this size or larger, it should fit just fine.

Pre-order & Shipping

Why is there a $12.50 reservation fee?

The $12.50 reservation fee ensures that you have a reserved spot in line and helps us gauge the demand, so we can streamline our production process.

When will I be billed for the subscription?

Once the product is ready to ship and you confirm your subscription type.

How will I know my position in the reservation list?

Once you've placed your reservation, you'll receive a confirmation email detailing your position in the queue.

When can I expect my product to be shipped?

We're aiming to start shipping by Summer 2024. We'll keep you updated with any changes.

What happens if the shipping date is delayed?

We always aim to stick to our timelines, but in the event of a delay, we'll communicate promptly and keep you informed.

Hardware as a service

What does hardware as a service mean?

"Hardware as a Service" means you'll receive regular updates and improvements to your Ganance Heir device as part of your subscription, ensuring it remains up-to-date with the latest features and technologies.

How often will I get updates?

Updates are rolled out periodically, based on improvements, new features, and user feedback. Our members will be able to refresh their devices once every year.

Billing & Pricing

How much will the subscription cost after the product ships?

Detailed subscription pricing will be communicated closer to the launch date. We're aiming for $99 for an annual subscription or $12.50 per month if you chose to pay monthly

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time after you've fulfilled your subscription commitment. Terms and conditions may apply.

Tech Specs

What's the battery life of the Ganance Heir?

On a full charge, the Ganance Heir typically lasts around 42 hours. This can vary based on usage.

How do I charge it?

Ganance Heir comes with a proprietary charging dock that's both fast and convenient.

Is it waterproof or water-resistant?

The Ganance Heir is water-resistant, making it suitable for everyday wear. However, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to water.

Privacy & Security

What data does the Ganance Heir collect?

Ganance Heir collects data relevant to its features, such as health metrics for tracking purposes. We prioritize user privacy and do not sell your data.

How do you ensure my data is safe and private?

Your data is encrypted and stored securely. We adhere to strict data protection regulations and guidelines.